Calf housing

During the period of milk nutrition, calves should be housed first in individual hutches or pens and then in groups. For calf breeders, we offer an individual way of housing (calf hutches, individual boxes) and a group housing, with the possibility of both of these types’ combination. All these systems of calf housing are designed for mechanized manure removal.

Calves' hutches are made of fiberglass. Maintaining and relocating individual hutches is simple. For calves in group housing, we offer group hutches for 4, 5, or 8 calves. Group hutches are also made of healthy material - fiberglass.  

The hutch is made of non-toxic fibreglass. The inside of the hutch is smooth – easy to keep clean, easy to disinfect. The hutch has a rear opening with a cover for easy ventilation.

The barrier is treated with a hot-dip galvanisation. The barrier’s height is 1090 mm. The barrier has wheels for easy handling. The hutch is turned over the barrier to allow handling.

Hutch barrier – the front gate is easy to open and removable. The operator can move the gate on the raised barrier and lock the calf in the hutch.

The gate includes a height-adjustable holder for a bucket with a teat, 2 buckets and 2 bucket holders. The gap width above the buckets can be adjusted (narrowed/widened) according to the age and size of the calves.

The barrier is delivered dismantled due to transport costs.

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