Company history


Establishment of FARMTEC a.s.  Trade register entry on 13th February 1996, subject of enterprise:

  • commercial activity – purchase of goods for resale and sale of goods
  • production and servicing of agriculture machines
  • civil engineering projection services
  • design and construction services including changes of buildings, maintenance work and demolition of buildings
  • consulting services in area of agriculture


The company became stabilized on the market. We began to build our own background for production and stocking. We managed to build a sales network in the Czech Republic and decided to enter foreign markets via our daughter companies. 


Establishment of FARMTEC - SLOVAKIA s.r.o. based in Gajary, Slovak Republic and establishment of FARMTEC – VÝCHOD, based in Gomel, Belorussia. FARMTEC a. s. participated in international agriculture exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovak Republic.


FARMTEC, a.s. obtained ISO 9001 certification. The company began to develop its activities in Russian speaking countries (former Soviet Union), continued to establish itself in Belorussia and actively sought other possibilities in the Russian Federation and Ukraine markets.


The company bought a plot to build new premises, especially for development activities and logistics background. FARMTEC’s commercial activities were expanded, the company introduced financial product FARMTEC leasing to help customers to finance the purchase of agriculture technologies. FARMTEC entered market in Poland. The company started to build background to provide consulting services and project management in the area of European Union structural funds, particularly regarding the agriculture support program SAPARD. Start of a cooperation with Central European Initiative regarding educational programmes for agricultural companies from Belorussia.


Expansion of company´s production and development background. A decision to introduce an information system and data network to connect all the activities within the company was taken. FARMTEC – selchoztech, a daughter company, was established in Russia. FARMTEC regained ISO certification. Expansion of product portfolio - ie milking equipment for goats and sheep. Development of new electronic and identification systems in the area of currently supplied technologies. The company went on preparing itself for start of the European Union structural funds, especially agriculture support program SAPARD. Expansion of the cooperation with Central European Initiative – new educational programme for Ukraine.


Continuous expansion in the manufacturing of company´s products and improving quality of the products. Due to increase of manufacturing activities, company´s premises had to be modified to make better use of production and storage spaces. Implementation of the new information system within the whole company. Another development of services connected with European Union structural funds not only in the Czech Republic but also in the Slovak Republic.


Expansion of the manufacturing centre – the manufacturing annex was completed. Also the administrative building was reorganised to create new offices for the economical  and foreign trade departments. Due to this fact working conditions were improved. The company started realisation of the projects in SAPARD program and also employed new project managers to complete a team of experts providing financing by means of European Union structural funds.


Continuous development of the company. Manufacturing centre was expanded– new logistic background was created to concentrate all the logistic activities from simple preparation of technological parts to dispatch. The start of OP RVMZ programme was a important event for the company as we started to provide services in the field of gaining subsidies from structural European Union funds.

The company continued to provide services regarding projection and realisation investments in agriculture area as well as preparing our customers´ requests to obtain subsidy from the structural European Union funds. FARMTEC started construction of an education centre for the employees in the manufacturing centre in Jistebnice. A new Chairman of the Board was appointed. Company´s articles were changed and there were also some changes in occupation of company authorities.

The company finished the construction of educational centre and a new administrative building in Jistebnice, consequently all the employees and the whole branch office in Tábor moved to Jistebnice. The product portfolio was extended to include biogas stations (design and construction services). Economic situation of the company was positively influenced by realization of big projects in Russian Federation. The sales teams in the branch offices were consolidated. FARMTEC carried on preparing itself for a new European Union programming period 2007 – 2013.

A very important event was the implementation of the EAFRD subsidy programme, which will be available till 2013. The company assists its customers in receiving subsidies from this programme. First installations of biogas plants were finished, as well as large projects in Russian Federation. The sales and project team in the company strengthen.

Several biogas stations were put into operation. In the spring a newly built robotic farm in Slatina nad úpou was put into operation. We started to offer carousel milking parlours, and we developed the equipment for housing of layers. FARMTEC e-shop was launched. We obtained an international certificate Investors in People. Board of Directors decided to introduce a pension and life insurance for our employees. During the year the number of employees increased by 20. We completed the outbuilding of our manufacturing centre and acquired a neighbouring hall to enlarge our premises. We started the planning of reconstruction of premises in Litomyšl for the relocation our branch office. The company continued to stabilize its export activities.

The development of the renewable energies continues, especially regarding biogas. In the first half of the year we launched a new product - photovoltaic power plants. The company enlarged its product portfolio (fresh milk distributors, equipment for beef cattle, mobile tensometric scale etc.). The branch office in Litomyšl was relocated to the reconstructed building. The company implemented the pension and life insurance for the employees according to regulations.
FARMTEC,  a. s. started a preparation to implement a new information system SAP. The company was awarded at the end of the year, when it was classified as one of 100 best Czech companies in 2009 in the category of Agriculture and food industry. The CEO was nominated and later awarded as Manager of the year 2009 in Services for agricultural businesses.

The company has invested in a new production equipment – CNC laser device for precision flat material cutting.  Due to this inovation we are now able to produce high accuracy as well as technically sophisticated segments of different products. Another investment to be mentioned is a purchase and implementation of a new information system – SAP. Ing. Leoš Pinc has been newly elected to be a member of the company´s board of directors.

FARMTEC a.s. celebrate 15 years anniversary, the company organize an „Open day“ in its main office.
The development of farm software FARMSOFT was finished and successfully presented in the market. At the exhibition Země živitelka Farmtec a.s. have officially introduced new product „Utilization of heat“, which solve the question of vaste heat production of biogas plants.