Construction of a biogas plant

Why to build with the company FARMTEC a.s.?

Farmtec decided to offer comprehensive services for the construction of biogas plants for the following reasons:

  • The conviction about the perspective of biogas plants on farms.
  • Experience in construction of large investment projects in agriculture.
  • Extensive designing and engineering base with activities throughout the country.
  • Experienced team for providing the financing and investment grant from EU funds.
  • Continuity with traditional products of Farmtec - storage of manure, slurry, bulk feed, pump technology, mixing and separation of slurry.

We offer to you:

  • vast experience with investments into large agricultural projects
  • the most extensive project and engineering background in the field with a scope all over the Czech republic
  • experienced team to secure financing and investment subsidies from the EU funds, narrow collaboration with banks, subsidy management
  • synergy solution - connectivity to the traditional products of farmtec
  • focus on individual requirements of investor
  • new products (ulitization of heat) - new possibilities further production diversification


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