Cows pusher - Crowd Gate

The cow pusher (Crowd Gate) 

Cow pusher is a metal structure separating a group of cows in front of the milking parlor (holding pen). The structure activates behind the last cow in the group and gently pushes the entire group towards the milking parlor. An electric motor ensures the cow pusher's movement along the channel. After the last cow in the group enters the milking parlor, the staff picks up the pusher by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel. The pusher structure passes over the holding pen in a raised position, over the heads of the next group of cows waiting to enter the milking parlor, and moves down behind them.

Only the gate operator or the milking parlor operator can operate the gate. The crowd gate, together with the sloping floor of the holding pen, reduces the need for labor in the stables, speeds up the movement of cows into the milking parlour, and, with its gentle handling, significantly reduces stress during the milking process.

The cow pusher (Crowd Gate) with manure (slurry) scraping function

The bottom structure of the cow pusher is equipped with blades. When moving backwards away from the milking parlor and in absence of cows and staff, the pusher can clean the floor from manure using the blades, by pushing it into the grid slots or into the manure channels. The cow pusher is operated directly from the milking parlor by an operator. The pusher's presence significantly speeds-up the process of pushing cows into the milking parlor, reduces the animals' stress associated with the staff activities, and saves on labor force. Among other things, the cow pusher with a manure scraping function helps significantly to reduce water consumption when cleaning the holding pen. If the cow pusher encounters any obstacle (animal or rubber stop at the end of the channel), the electric motor switches off based on the limit switch signal. After removing the obstacle (the animal leaves) or by manually switching the direction of the movement (the pusher reaches the stop), the pusher continues to move in the specified direction. The cow pusher is equipped with an electric buzzer signaling its movement towards the milking parlor.


This significantly reduces the cleaning time, reduces the physical effort of the operator, and saves water consumption. The device works on concrete solid and slotted floors.


The cow pusher (Crowd Gate) without manure (slurry) scraping

We also offer cow pusher without manure removal function.

The device operates on concrete solid and slotted floors.