Equipment for beef cattle

We offer:
advisory - design of winter stables - application for subsidies for buildings, technological equipment of stables and grazing areas, with support of the EU funds.

We provide:
design and delivery of the mobile fences/portable hurdles, passaging and handling alleys

We also deliver:
electric fences - energy sources, wires, posts, insulators, other accessories

Mobile Calf Feeder

Considering feeding calves outdoors? On the pastures or paddocks? A mobile calf feeder – is the best solution!

Technologies for beef cattle

  • fence (texas panel) - to create passageways, space for division pens
  • fence with a door (texas panel) - allows the entry of persons into the passageways, space, pens
  • part of the arc, connecting rod - to create passage semicircle, quadrant
  • entrance to the alley - this episode follows passageways, progressing animals entering the alley
  • passage gates - are part of passage semicircle, quadrant
  • dividing doors - separate the animals in the alley, prevent progress of animals in passage alley
  • supporting gate - strengthens passageways, determines the width of passageways
  • sorting box - classified in the passageways, used to classify animals
  • rear brake - reduces the "reverse" of adult cattle away from passageways
  • pasture gates - are used to sort cattle
  • supporting gate with hinges - pasture door hinges to hangings
  • panel with the passage of calf - to wintering grounds, prevents adult cattle go into the "nursery"
  • fixation cages - for basic veterinary hooves' treatment
  • forehead fixation with a basket - for a basic veterinary treatment
  • forehead fixation - adheres passageways
  • mobile strain gauge weight - weighing all categories of cattle (up to 2500 kg)
  • feeder - various diameters for different number of animals
  • feeding area for calves - on pasture for feeding calves
  • feeders for sheep and goats - different diameters
  • feeders for horses
  • electric fencing, resources, posts, insulators, conductors, ... see the e-shop

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