Gates, Posts


Gates are designed for all categories of animals (dairy cows, calves, heifers, bulls) and for all types of operations (production stables, farrowings, passageways, etc.). Size of the gates corresponds to EU standards and specific needs. The gates are structurally designed as weldments. The gates are supplied with hinges and fixation.


The posts are designed for hanging of the fencees, gates, some types of barriers. The types vary by their construction, length, shape, anchoring...

Lifting gates

FARMTEC lifting gates can be placed in dairy barns in areas where it is not possible to install a classic side gate. Lifting gates can be operated manually or electrically or by remote control. 

Simple and physically undemanding control of the lifting gate is its advantage. Thanks to the double pulleys and the addition of auxiliary cables, the gate does not block when it moves up or down. The stops are assembled, this allows the posts to be placed at different heights or the gate to be placed at a certain height. Thanks to the new stop and spring-loaded pin, the gate locks "itself" by simply pushing the gate towards the stop. One hand is enough to unlock/secure the lifting gate. 

The posts can be embeded either on concrete or in concrete, in which case the post is equipped with a stainless steel sleeve. 150x100 steel profile is used for the post, which ensures bending strength and stability of the whole. Different lengths of lifting gates - from 3 to 6 m. When the pin wears out, it is easy to replace, there is no need to disassemble the entire gate.