Manure scrapers

For regular manure removal in a stables we offer some effective manure scrapers. The OMEGA system or the DELTA system can be used for regular manure removal in the barn. 

Both slurry extraction systems are reliable, easy to operate and have minimal maintenance and operation. Their operation is safe for animals in the stable. In the event of an impact with an obstacle, the system automatically shuts off and restarts after a certain time.

With the innovated DELTA II chain system, we offer customers equipment that fully meets today's demands for stable slurry operations.

  • The individual parts are adapted for use in large-capacity stables with a corridor length of more than 100 m.
  • The drive unit ensures automatic operation of the system with an emphasis on minimal maintenance and operator requirements.
  • The unit uses a robust bevel gearbox, ensures automatic chain tensioning using a hydraulic circuit and more reliable equipment condition monitoring sensors.
  • The reduced construction of the buckets has been optimized in terms of resistance to stress and easier folding, overtaking and crossing of animals.
  • The new control unit enables remote management and connection to the A-Tech automatic technology control system.


We have been offering and supplying the OMEGA rope system to manure stables for several years. Its main advantages include minimal maintenance requirements, reliable operation and low cost of plastic rope.


In our offer you will find the following slurry extraction systems:

OMEGA system - The system uses sweeping buckets to pull the slurry, which are pulled by a rope, the system includes a control unit.

DELTA system - The system uses sweeping buckets to extract manure, which are pulled by a special chain, the system includes a control unit.

Bertasi system - It is the extraction of slurry by means of sweeping buckets, which are pulled by a hydraulic drive, the control unit is a part of the product.

Prinzing system - Slurry extraction by means of sweeping buckets, which are pulled by a stainless steel rope, a part of the slurry extraction system is a control unit.