Joint report Agrofert Holding a.s. and Farmtec a.s.

Shareholders of Farmtec a.s. made with Agrofert Holding a.s. a contract on the transfer of shares in 14th December 2012. Shares was transfer from Farmtec a.s. to Agrofert Holding a.s.

By incorporating Farmtec a.s. to the group Agrofert will significantly strengthen this successful company that since 1996 offers comprehensive services in the areas of investment in agriculture aimed at supporting livestock, milking, breeding pigs, poultry farming, mixing and pumping manure, biogas and the use of heat.

Farmtec a.s. will not only provide investment in agricultural production, but also in the manufacturing and chemical industries for Agrofert group.This activity will stabilize Farmtec a.s. especially in lower demand for investment by farmers. Furthermore Farmtec a.s. synergies with the group Agrofert in selling their products abroad.

In addition to these activities Farmtec a.s. will ensure for the group quality project preparation and implementation of investment, which significantly affect the profitability of production. Agrofert assumes continuity of all services offered by Farmtec a.s., including staffing important jobs.

We believe that on the basis of this integration occur to further improve the services and products offered by the Farmtec a.s. to czech farmers.