Modular plants for meat processing


The modular plant is intended for the processing of red and white meat, for the production of sausages and other meat-based products. The modular plant is suited for small and medium-sized farms and country houses that are interested to valorize their own production in a safe and scalable way, but are not able to equip the special buildings for these purposes.

The container is equipped with all utilities and is ready for use:

  • The water supply - there is a water supply on the outer side of the container
  • electricity - a 13 kW socket is prepared on the outer side of the container
  • the sewerage – is located on the bathroom side, and under the container - for waste. Hygienic waste does not end up in the sewage system but is collected in special containers that can be removed from the outside and taken to the disposal site. The productive capacity of standard containers is up to 100 heads / h

We produce 5 types of containers: VERONA basic, VERONA, VERONA L, VERONA XL, VERONA XLS.

The equipment of the container can be adapted according to the wishes of the customer.

The container is divided into “clean” and “dirty” (slaughter) zones in accordance with hygienic standards. There is also a dressing room, a toilet, and a refrigerating room.

VERONA basic:
voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
power consumption: 6 kW
water consumption: 3l / 1 pc.
productivity: 30-60 pcs / h