Third-Generation FARMTEC Water Troughs

We increase the variability of our products, by modification of stainless steel troughs’ construction. The water troughs consist of two separate parts, from the pedestal (hot dip-galvanized or made of stainless steel) and the body (which consists of a hot-dip galvanized frame and stainless steel tub with water surface).

The innovation, of so far proven themselves water troughs (for all categories of cattle: sheep, goats, and horses), provides the consumer with high strength and durable stainless steel pedestals and offers various options of installation in the stable (the left-hand or right-hand design of the water trough). Moreover, in case of sudden mechanical damage of the upper part of the trough – the body, it will be relatively easy to disassemble the body of the trough and replace it with a new one, without the need to remove the concreted pedestal. This will significantly reduce the time animals stay out of water.

In an aggressive environmental area (such as deep litter, or where manure often accumulates), a combination of hot-dip galvanized pedestal and stainless-steel body tub would be ideal. Furthermore, it is possible to swiftly and easily increase the size of the watering point by exchanging the body of a small drinking trough (such as Triton or Neptune) for a large one (like Jupiter, containing a large volume of water). The pedestal remains the same.

The water troughs‘ pedestals are prepared for a pressurized water outlet installation for an easy connection of the hose to the rinsing, which facilitates the staff's work in the stall.


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