Ventilation in the Calf Houses is Important

The Tube (sleeve) Ventilation provides natural air exchange even in relatively enclosed spaces, especially in stables. It works on the basis of fresh air supplying from outside - through the tube (the plastic sleeve) - to the animal's habitat. Air is forced from the fans (which are installed on the walls of the stable) into the tube, and due to well-placed and well-dimensioned openings is directed to the animal housing boxes. Thus, the airflow reaches even unventilated places. However, the flow rate must be set properly, so that animals do not suffer from excessive drafts.

 This system reduces the infection pressure (the concentration of bacteria and other pathogens in the air) and also reduces the incidence of respiratory disorders by a quarter of the previous condition.  The tube ventilation system is quite simple, does not require large investments, and is operationally inexpensive. The only thing that is required, is its appropriate construction and setting.  Due to long-term cooperation with the world’s leading research organizations and universities, FARMTEC a.s. has the essential know-how at its disposal, and in case of requirement, its employees are able to suggest the right settings and solutions.  We recommend this system of ventilation not only for stables and barns with individual young calve boxes, but also for pen barns with calves on plant nutrition. The forced ventilation system will help to improve ventilation even in the completely enclosed stables.

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