We have launched a new product - Tube Ventilation

The principle of tube - sleeve ventilation is that the fresh outside air is supplied to the stable via tubes (plastic sleeves) hanged above life zones of animals. The air pushed into the tube from the fan in the wall of a barn is with properly spaced and sized holes routed into boxes or pens with animals. The air flow so "washed out" or otherwise unventilated leeward. Velocity must be correctly set so that the animals do not suffer by excessive drafts.

The application of such a system can reduce infection pressure (concentration of bacteria and other germs in the air) and therefore the incidence of respiratory disorders to 1 quarter of the previous state. Tube ventilation system is very simple, easy to be operated and invested. The only problem is the proper construction and setup. Farmtec Company, Inc. thanks to long-term cooperation with leading research and university centers have the necessary know how and the interests of workers are able to set the correct solution and propose.This system is recommended not only to the stables and sheds with individual boxes for the youngest calves, but also in pen stalls for calves in plant nutrition. Referred forced ventilation system will help to improve ventilation in the original fully enclosed stables.

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