Pelletizing lines

The pellet lines can extract dried separat together with other waste vegetable matter. Pelleting may also be targeted on crops for energy use. Processing of organic matter that would otherwise be difficult to usable and tradable, and selling the resulting fuel can achieve stable earnings with a short return on investment. Biofuel demand is thanks to the support of its use on the Czech market still greater than supply and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

Pelleting can be used at various materials, such as straw cereals and oilseeds, triticale, hay, alfalfa, dried offprint, waste from grain and oilseeds adulterated grain, sawdust, waste paper, etc.
Granulators of pellet lines are creating (of modified substrates using high pressure and temperatures) pellets. During the process there is no need other additives (binders). Pellets can be burned either in special facilities or in conjunction with traditional solid fuels.

Pelletizing lines are realized through complex supply, ie. from the calculations through the projection design, construction work, supply of technology, assistance in securing funding to service.

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