Calves Barn Jevišovice

Newly built barn for healthy breeding of calves up to the age of 2 months – as a modern solution for high capacity dairy farm.  The calf barn is equipped with 175 detachable calf boxes, with a durable plastic partition. The boxes are arranged in 5 rows. Natural ventilation of the calf barn is carried out with the help of side curtains, fresh air is injected into the room and distributed over the rows by means of tube ventilation. The milk is served to the calves using a milk taxi. Thanks to the detachable partitions, the boxes can be combined and connected into one big box for group housing.  After the transfer of the calves, the boxes are easily detached, taken out for thorough cleaning and disinfection. The calf barn also includes a feed storage room, a sanitary zone, and a warehouse.

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