Roll Up doors

Roll-up doors 

Our Roll-up doors have a simple construction, a sophisticated side guide system, easy assembly and maintenance. Compared with conventional wing doors, they are not damaged by weather conditions and do not obstruct in the stable. The maximum door dimensions are 5000 mm wide, 4000 mm high. The winding door can be supplemented with a roof that protects the door and the winding system from rain, snow and increases the service life of the door. Its assembly is simple. If the customer chooses a variant with electric drive and remote control, the driver's entry into the stable is comfortable and fast. The side guiding grooves of the gate and roof are galvanized.

Door fill materials: 

  • Canvas – green, yellow, gray, white and brown colors,… 620 g/m2 – tensile strength 300 N/50 mm, temperature resistance -30°C až +70°C, tear resistance 300 N, flammability according to DIN 75200, ISO 3795 <100 mm/min.
  • Transparent canvas – 550 g/m2, tensile strength 1000 N/50 mm, temperature resistance -40°C až +70°C, tear resistance 170 N, flammability according to ISO 3795 <100 mm/min, transparent color.
  • Translucent canvas – 500 g/m2, tensile strength 1800 N/50 mm, temperature resistance -30°C až +70°C , tear resistance 350N, flammability according to ISO 3795 <100 mm/min, white translucent color.
  • Net – 265g/ m2, temperature resistance -40°C až +70°C, tensile strength 1700 N/50 mm, tear resistance 330 N, colors white or green.
  • It is possible to combine coloured and translucent canvas as well as canvas and net.

Profile types - the side guiding grooves: 

  • Asymmetric profiles - J-shape - dimensions 90x50x50 mm
  • Symmetric profiles – U-shape - dimensions 90x80x90 mm. The profile is fitted with a brush on the inside to better protect the canvas against contact with the steel profile. It also dampens noise in windy weather.

Drives for doors: 

  • Manual drive - simple and cost-effective manual operation - controlled by a chain, with the quick door closing.
  • Electric drive - two versions are available:
  1. The main drive - standard wired control using buttons mounted on the wall. 
  2. The combination of electric control and remote control (the electric controller is connected to the door motor by a cable and firmly mounted on the wall of the stable).

- Both versions of the electric drive are equipped with emergency controls (lever arm), to be used in the case of power supply or drive failure.