Variants of biogas plants

We design, manufacture and supply biogas plant divided into three types:

  • SF - a system of separate fermentors
  • GCF - a system of fermentors circle in a circle with an integrated gas holder
  • CCF - a system of fermentors circle in a circle with an external gas holder

Advantages of  our biogas plants:

  • circular arrangement of digestem - smaller built-up area, lower thermal losses, lower insulation costs
  • CHP units from GE Jenbacher ® -  high efficiency, verified operation reliability, special structure
  • gas tank of either integrated or external type - as requested by Investor and specific conditions of construction
  • vertically positioned mixers - easy access, optimum placement, replacement under operation
  • complex sophisticated control systém - instantaneous feedback, on-line remote access
  • connectivity to other traditional company products - ideal configuration, complex solution, synergy
  • verified BGP technology - process stability, low proper electric power consumption, high degradation level of organic dry mass
  • very low proper heat consumption of the entire BGP - higher yield from utilization of residual heat - driers, pelletizing plants
  • BPS verified technology - process stability, low power consumption, high degree of decomposition of organic solidsvery low heat consumption of BPS - higher yield from the use of residual heat


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