Sheep and goats


Online Seminar 19.5.2022
Online Seminar 19.5.2022

We invite you to an online seminar for cattle breeders.

Mobile Chicken Coops
Mobile Chicken Coops

New energy efficient technology for year-round outdoor chicken breeding. The mobile chicken coops place up to 270...

UNIBOX - Individual Calf Boxes
UNIBOX - Individual Calf Boxes

Uni Box – demountable boxes for individual calf housing in calf barns or under the roof during nutrition.


About us

FARMTEC has been operating in the market since 1996. During this time it has been gradually expanded to its present form. Now FARMTEC is a strong and stable partner with the experience of hundreds of realized projects.

Farmtec solutions

Due to the gradual increase in demand for agricultural products, the need for modernization of existing plants is also growing. When making such a decision, it is necessary to find the optimal boundary between the parameters of the farm and its cost. This should be considered throughout the entire breeding complex. We offer assistance in choosing the best solution to this problem.


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